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At Expertis Solutions, we are a global provider of leading-edge Talent Solutions and Services.  Our expertise is in the field of recruiting Expert Talent for your organization.  We started our journey in the Information Technology (IT) industry and our drive to adapt to market disruptions, being the Agile folks that we are – inspired us to develop a new sector of expertise in hiring Healthcare Professionals.

Our dedicated team of Talent Experts are knowledgeable and skilled in their niche domains making them subject matter experts (SMEs).


Working with global organizations in both public and private sectors from small to medium-sized businesses as Talent Business Partners and an extension of your operations. We provide proactive solutions as you embark on the hiring of Talent Experts.

IT Talent Solutions

Placement of Full-time and contractual employees
IT Staff Augmentation projects
IT Project Staffing
Executive Search
International Recruitment Missions
Career Talent Brand and Marketing

Healthcare Professionals

Placement of full-time healthcare professionals
Contract positions: healthcare professionals and medical staff
Shift workers and hospital support staff
Across all Québec regions CH, CHSLD, CLSC, CIUSS

Our Expertise

We incorporate Agile Recruitment & Development practices in our Solutions. The outcome means that we remain efficient and fast in our process for better results.
We are solution-oriented and driven to resolve any challenges that we may encounter with a positive approach. We have a ``let’s make IT happen`` approach!
Ahead of the times, we are entering a new era of innovation and we are always active in the way we engage in Talent and Development communities across our niche industries.


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