At Expertis Solutions, we are a global provider of leading-edge Talent Solutions and Services.  Our expertise is in the field of recruiting the Expert Talent for your organization.  We started our journey in the Information Technology (IT) industry and our drive to adapt to market disruptions, being the Agile folks that we are – inspired us to develop a new sector of expertise in hiring Healthcare Professionals.  Our dedicated team of Talent Experts are knowledgeable and skilled in their domains making them subject matter experts (SMEs).

WE build customized talent solutions and we are able leverage our talent networks globally to find you the best candidates for your organization. We leverage our own personal networks, social recruiting campaigns, niche talent pools, and tailored strategies that are shaped to your organization’s goals and objectives, resulting in your company’s success.

We genuinely care about the candidate and client experience, which truly aligns with our company goals in elevating the standards and best practices of the search, employment and recruitment industry.

We take pride in working with global organizations in both public and private sectors from small to medium-sized companies alike.  It’s a brand new era for Talent solutions and Services, we are redefining traditional practices.

We currently operate across Canada/USA/Europe (France) with our head-office based in Montreal, and a virtual work from anywhere business model.

WE are your Talent Business Partners!

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