Pay IT Forward!

Pay IT forward, is our unique Referral Incentive Program! In our world connections are everything and networking should always be encouraged to refer people! Expertis Solutions found you amazing opportunities, so why not “Pay IT Forward” by referring us to your friends!
Referred candidates get the chance at exploring a new opportunity & YOU get the cash.


HOW TO Pay IT Forward?

1. Refer a friend or colleagues in your network @
2. Subject line should include referred by: (YOUR NAME)
3. Attach a Word (.doc) resume
4. Click SEND and feel good about Paying IT Forward!

Pay IT Forward – Payout

SENIOR – LEVEL* | $800

MID – LEVEL* | $500


*Note: there’s a $200 additional payout if you are outside any major
city center and in a remote Region with limited networks.

Pay IT Forward Policy Guidelines

1. A REFERRED candidate who gets HIRED has to have been represented by Expertis Solutions & has been employed for a minimum of 90 days.
2. The payment will be paid in a lump sum through e-transfer and/or Expertis Solutions Check;
3. There is no limit to the number of referral awards someone may receive.
4. Employees (Management/Recruiting) who are involved in the hiring decisions or recruiting are not eligible for the referral incentive programs.
5. You must know the candidate being referred and you must ensure the person is aware that they will be contacted by Expertis Solutions for a specific position prior to being referred.
6. If the referred candidates are already in our database applicant tracking system (last 12 months) you will NOT be eligible for a payment. Expertis Solutions will advise you within a reasonable delay.

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